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Renewable Energy

solutions for homes or business

Do your part to protect the environment and explore sustainable energy solutions with Gable Electric.  We strive to pursue the progress of sustainable energy and harness it for a range of applications.



Our expert team can help you implement energy savings through the use of solar panels — great for homes and businesses alike.

wind energy

Harness the power of natural forces to power your business by installing wind turbines for energy generation and consumption.

geothermal energy

Invest in the future and protect our planet with alternative energy for your industrial setting.  We have the experience to find the right energy solution for you.

See What our Clients Say

“Clark lead the charge when Jiminy Peak installed the first Wind turbine at a ski Resort in North America in 2007. That was a major undertaking for me and our resort, but Clark handled the challenge magnificently. The turbine changed our life with outstanding output, lowering our costs and dependency on the grid.”

B. Fairbank, Jiminy Peak Resort.
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